Liz Horta

Design creative lab • Graphic Design • Universidad Anahuac del Norte • More than 25 years of experience
Winner of important projects at national and international level. Among its most important clients are National and International Companies and Organizations such as the United Nations for the Environment in Latin America, Unesco, Japan Airlines, Palacio de Hierro, Viajes Palacio, Banamex, Larousse, Pemex, Schneider Electric, Government of Guerrero, among others.

Thanks to her work as a graphic designer, she has traveled to countries such as Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and China.


Currently part of the Development Council of the Anahuac University School of Design, composed of graduates who occupy leadership positions in the different areas of Design in Mexico.

Professionalism, service & responsibility

It has been the success of Liz Horta & Design Creative Lab for 25 years.

Design Guarantee to complete customer satisfaction.

The creativity and sensitivity to interpret the needs of the client as well as the success in the attention to the same and the negotiation, has allowed her to consolidate day by day her signature in our country.

Customer Feedback

Creative ideas & Incredible results

We become your Design, MKT & Advertising department at your fingertips.

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Liz Horta & Design Creative Lab


Websites • MKT digital • Social media

Development of websites, positioning strategies and visibility of your website. Mailing emails ensuring that your message will reach the target audience of your product or service.

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Digital • Offset • Screen printing

We have printing services of the highest quality and with all state-of-the-art systems. We guarantee that the final product is carried out as designed from its origin.

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Mobile advertising • Moving your ideas

Your campaign will have a presence in the area that is of your interest, this type of mobile advertising impacts both the passer-by and the driver, which ensures the effectiveness of your campaign.

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